Pawfect Pet Care

Pet Visits

We can be there when you are away and need someone to feed and clean their environment or litter box.  We make 20-30 minute visits (can do more than one visit a day) during which we also bring in any mail/flyers at your front door, water plants, put out garbage and switch lights around to give your house a 'live in' look.

Puppy Visits
Your puppy's bladder is not fully developed yet. It's recommended that puppies don't have contact with other dogs until they are fully vaccinated around 3 - 4 months of age.  
We visit your puppy for 30 minutes, taking them outside for potty breaks and play time so they are tired when we leave them.  We also refresh their water and clean up any wee accidents that may have occurred.

Doggie Daycare

Bring your dog to play with other dogs (and kids) while you work.   Added benefit of getting socialized and burning energy through play & walks.

Instead of a kennel, we provide a cage free, safe and loving home environment so that the change and adjustment for your pet is minimal.  We take 3 walks a day and lots of playtime at home.     Please contact us to schedule a Meet & Greet!

Dog Walking
We are close to a park, forest & pond so lots of walking territory to explore.  If I come to you,  then we will explore your neighborhood together. 
Making sure your dog gets plenty of excersize is one of the best ways to prevent behaviour and health problems.

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